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Meet Wayne Potter, the Producer and Host of Keeping Kurrent. He lives in Tigard, Oregon. He has lived in the Greater Portland, Oregon area for more than 40 years.

Wayne Potter, Producer and Host of Keeping Kurrent

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As the Producer of the Keeping Kurrent program I want to encourage world understanding and peace.  Given the excesses of world turmoil, I often wonder what it will take to find peace?  I am involved in the organization Friendship Force Columbia Cascade, a member organization of Friendship Force International. This is an organization started by President Jimmy Carter in 1977. The organization is committed to encouraging peace through it’s person to person international exchanges. Participating is an important part of creating peace. However, I also want to find more and better ways to establish peace. I hope to explore this topic throughout this and the following years.  

What Does Peace Mean? 







Pulitzer Prize winner, Jody Williams,  tells us what she thinks peace is. Click on her picture to find out. If you have some additional ideas send me an email or leave a message on the Keeping Kurrent Facebook page.